The match and the candle

This is a beautiful story sent to me a while back, translated into the English language from Portuguese and I would like to share it with you.

One day, the Match said to the Candle:

  • “Today I’ll light you up!”
  • “Oh no,” said the Candle.
  • “Don’t you realize that if you light me up, my days will be numbered? Don’t do such an evil thing.”
  • “So you want to remain your whole life like this? Hard, cold, and never shine?” Asked the Match.
  • “But to burn me…It hurts too much and consumes all my strength,” murmured the Candle.

Then answered the Match:

  • “You are completely right! But that is our mission. You and I were meant to be light. What I, as a match, can do is very little. My flame is small and short. But if I give my flame to you, I will fulfill the meaning of my life. I was made just for this: to start the fire. You are the candle. Your mission is to shine. All your pain and energy will turn into light and heat for a long time.”

Hearing this, the Candle looked at the Match, which was already at the end of his flame, and said:

  • “Please, light me up.”

Then so it produced a beautiful flame.

I wanted to share this story with you because just like the Candle, we have to make difficult decisions and go through uncomfortable experiences too. In order for us to truly offer the best of ourselves, we must also endure struggles, and pain, and suffering. We must go through trials and tribulations that propel us forward and help ignite that fire so that we can someday be the match to someone else’s candle and help them shine! The fact of the matter is, the calm sea does not make a skilled sailor! The more waves “obstacles’” the sea has, the better you get at sailing “conquering your goals”. Everything takes experience, experience takes time, time takes dedication, and dedication takes to drive.

It takes a strong spirited person to exude the essence of a true Mestre. If you find yourself feeling like the match, scared and unsure of your purpose. First ask yourself, “What is my purpose?” Once you accept that purpose, set out to fulfill your mission. Be strong to overcome any obstacles that come your way, and set your mind to achieving greatness. Let’s spread the knowledge acquired through these experiences, let it be the fuel that keeps us Mestres alight. Let’s light up the world. Let’s be Mestres!

Do you have the essence of a true Mestre?
Share your story with us.