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Mestre Empire is a fast driven lifestyle brand surrounded by wisdom, power, and vision. Built by creators for creators, bringing together the masters of our generation under a single umbrella. Individuals who are constantly striving to make an impact on the world, with their art, knowledge, or skills regardless of fortune or fame.

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Mestre • [‘mɛʃtr(ə)]

(Late Old English mægister, from Latin magister, and Portuguese source meaning “Master”)

An individual who has wisdom and exemplary skill in a specific art or craft, and the ability to inspire others, often referred to as a great artist, expert, leader or king. One who has dominance, control or is in charge of his empire, with great power and authority to command, lead and guide.


Our Mission

Great ideas and great people are often limited on their access to capital or opportunity. That is why we created Mestre Empire. Our passion for empowering and inspiring others has led us to become more than just a brand. With the mission to motivate these individuals to break barriers, propel themselves forward, and unleash their full potential.


The Rise of an Empire

What if I told you an empire was once created from craft paper, would you believe me?
This is the story of Mestre Empire, an empire built in 556 days with two hands by a single Mestre (Master).

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